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Q: Can I cancel (cancel) a subscription?

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Select "Regular purchase list" on My Page.

Open the Order Details you want to change.

There is a subscription cancellation button in the lower right corner, so please click it.

A pop-up will appear, click Cancel.
If you scroll to the top at this time, you will see a popup.
(It looks like an error for a moment, but for the convenience of the system, the popup is displayed at the top and does not appear to be displayed on the screen.)
We recommend that you cancel your subscription at least 3 days before the scheduled delivery date.
Please note that even if you cancel on the same day, the items for that month will be shipped. (Subsequent ones will be canceled)

Click OK.

To confirm that your subscription has been canceled (you will also receive a cancellation confirmation email), please check here.

If it is canceled, please rest assured that it has been canceled correctly.
We look forward to another opportunity.

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