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Brown cashew nuts 90g Arima Hokodo

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Indian cashew nuts are crisply wrapped in flour and Kanbai powder. It is roasted over low heat using a fragrant soy sauce sauce. (Domestic production)

When you take a bite, your mouth will be filled with the aroma and aroma of whole soybean soy sauce, and you will enjoy the crunchy and chewy texture. The cashew nuts inside are rich in minerals such as iron and zinc. It is expected to be effective in preventing anemia, relieving fatigue, and improving taste.

These ``brown cashew nuts'' are recommended for those who want to stay healthy and delicious, those who are tired of unglazed cashew nuts, and those who are looking for nuts that are more snack-like.

原材料 Cashew nuts (made in India), wheat flour, Kanbai powder mix (starch, glutinous rice), sugar, whole soybean soy sauce, vegetable oil, seafood extract, salt, chili pepper/modified starch, leavening agent, (partially contains wheat, cashew nuts, and soybeans) include)
内容量 90g
保存方法 Please avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
エネルギー 556kcal
タンパク質 16.0g
脂質 36.7g
炭水化物 42.2g
食塩相当量 0.8mg
こんがりカシューナッツ 90g 有馬芳香堂 - 嶋ノ屋 オンラインストア
Brown cashew nuts 90g Arima Hokodo Sale price¥2,490(税込)