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Aroma Honey Butternut 220g Arima Hokodo

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Carefully selected almonds and peanuts coated with honey. Finish by flavoring with Hokkaido butter and adding a sprinkle of salt for an accent. Enjoy the sweet and salty taste and the rich richness and aroma of butter. (Domestic production)

It is also recommended as a snack.

“Scented Honey Butternut” was selected as the “Special Jury Award” by confectionery experts in the 2023 “Mood Up! Snack Award” presented by Lettuce Club magazine.

■ Nutritional information table (per 100g bag)

energy 562 kcal
protein 18.1g
Lipid 39.1g
carbohydrates 38.4g
salt equivalent 0.90g

■ Raw materials
Almonds (produced in the USA), peanuts (Floranner produced in the USA: 0.7g/grain), honey (processed domestically from acacia honey produced in China), granulated sugar, butter (produced in Japan), salt, vegetable oil, dairy products/emulsifier, Flavorings (including peanuts, milk ingredients, almonds, and soybeans)

Arima Hokodo bean sweets

内容量 Honey butternut: 220g Honey butternut almond: 180g
保存方法 Please avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.
香ばし蜂蜜バターシリーズ味くらべセット 有馬芳香堂 - 嶋ノ屋 オンラインストア
Aroma Honey Butternut 220g Arima Hokodo Sale price¥1,880(税込)