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Organic mulberry leaves (120 grains)

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原材料 Organic mulberry leaves (domestic)
内容量 24g (200mg x 120 tablets)
保存方法 Please store away from high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight.
製造者 Sakurae Town Mulberry Tea Production Association
エネルギー 275 kcal
タンパク質 16.3g
脂質 5.1g
炭水化物 60.8g (sugar 21.2g, dietary fiber 39.6g)
食塩相当量 0.05g

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■ Organic mulberry leaves (120 pieces) ■

Mulberry leaves are carefully cultivated without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, and processed fresh in a certified organic factory.
It is a grain type made from 100% organic mulberry leaves.
We use our unique technology to make tablets without using any unnecessary binders or additives.

Mulberry leaves contain DNJ, which suppresses carbohydrate absorption, dietary fiber, which improves the intestinal environment, and Q3MG, which can improve cholesterol levels.
It is also rich in nutritional components, including vitamins and minerals.

【 I recommend this hotel 】
・People who are concerned about the sugar content of their meals
・People who are concerned about blood sugar levels
・People who suffer from constipation
・People on a diet
・People who are thinking about lifestyle prevention
・People who want to use food to maintain their health

■How to enjoy
Please take 3 to 5 tablets at a time with water.


  • Please keep out of reach of children.
  • Since this is an agricultural product, there may be rare cases where the color changes, but this does not affect the quality.
  • Since it is a food product, please handle it in a sanitary environment.
  • Please consume within 3 months after opening.
  • After opening, please close the opening tightly to prevent it from getting wet.

有機桑葉つぶ ( 120粒 ) - 嶋ノ屋 オンラインストア
Organic mulberry leaves (120 grains) Sale price¥1,980(税込)