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STALIA extra virgin olive oil 500ml from Greece

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原材料 olive
内容量 500ml
賞味期限 2025-04-27
(18 months from manufacture)
保存方法 Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature
生産地 Greece Peloponnese Messenia Gargalyani

All STALIÁ olives are hand-picked using traditional methods.

Pressed within just 12 hours of harvest, the olive oil is then immediately filtered and stored in containers under fully controlled conditions to preserve its rich flavor and outstanding flavor properties.

STALIÁ bottles not only have a great design, but they are also light-tight bottles that protect the olive oil from light and oxidation.

This bottle allows you to preserve the quality for a long time, and you can enjoy it as an interior decoration even after it is opened.

It is highly nutritious and can be used to enhance the flavor of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, as well as any other dish.

■Product information

region Greece Peloponnese Messenia Gargalyani
variety Koroneiki 100%
harvest early harvest
exploitation Cold press (up to 24°C)
acidity Low, ≤0.5%
Features fruity and spicy

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