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[High-quality Gyokuro] Yame tea completely pesticide-free 80g x 3 bottles

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内容量 80g x 3 pieces
生産地 Kasahara, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
製造者 Taikoen of tea

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Yame City ranks first in Japan in terms of production of Gyokuro, which is said to be the pinnacle of Japanese tea and is highly rare and valuable.

This gyokuro is made using a straw covering, which is rare in Japan and follows the traditional manufacturing method.

The straw is organic rice straw made from Taikoen.

Although it takes time and effort to make, it is a special Gyokuro with a deep flavor that concentrates the natural flavor and aroma due to the action of Aspergillus oryzae.

Taikoen's tea is made using organic farming methods and completely pesticide-free.
Additionally, since we have a tea factory in our home, we are able to manage everything from production to manufacturing ourselves, allowing us to deliver products made with even higher quality tea leaves.