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[Special Shiraori] Yame tea completely pesticide-free 180g x 3 bottles

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内容量 180g x 3 pieces
生産地 Kasahara, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture
製造者 Taikoen of tea

It contains the stem and terminal bud that are produced when making Tokujo Shiraori Gokujo Sencha.
Even though it is called stem tea, we use the stems of the highest quality sencha, so the color is good and there is little bitterness.
It is a great value tea that allows you to enjoy the finest taste at about half the unit price of premium sencha.

It is made in Kasahara, Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture, the birthplace of Yame tea, and is a special Shiroori tea.

Taikoen's tea is made using organic farming methods and completely pesticide-free.
Additionally, since we have a tea factory in our home, we are able to manage everything from production to manufacturing ourselves, allowing us to deliver products made with even higher quality tea leaves.